Volunteer Hartlepool

Becoming a Volunteer can open doors to a wide range of opportunities

Volunteer Hartlepool is a key initiative for Adult Education and has significantly expanded over recent years. We are extremely proud to guarantee all interested learners a voluntary placement through Volunteer Hartlepool and this further reinforces our commitment to prepare individuals for the world of work.

Volunteer Hartlepool has many active volunteer opportunities available and has knowledge of over 600 organisations and community groups that currently operate within Hartlepool. The range of opportunities on offer is endless. From customer services, business admin, Information, Advice & Guidance, sports coaching, fundraising and mentoring.

All learners interested in becoming a volunteer will receive:

• Access to a dedicated and impartial Information, Advice & Guidance Officer

• Support to develop an Individual Career Plan

• Access to an Introduction to Volunteering programme

• Support to identify a suitable work placement

• Access to a brokerage service whereby individuals will be supported into a high quality voluntary placement

• Assistance to progress onto further learning to improve job prospects

• Assistance to complete CV’s and access to job clubs

If you are interested in volunteering then you can access the dedicated Volunteer Hartlepool Website – https://www.volunteerhartlepool.org.uk or contact a member of our friendly team on (01429) 857070.