Learner Support

In order to ensure that you can benefit fully from your course, we can offer a range of learner support.

You can speak to us confidentially to disclose any requirements you may have and we will endeavour to meet your individual learning needs and help you achieve all of your learning aims.

The types of support available include…

  • The use of specialist software or equipment
  • Adaptation of learning materials
  • 1:1 support while in class
  • Other specialist help if our own staff is unable to help you
  • Pastoral Support

What is Pastoral Support?

It is the part of our service that offers extra help and support for your welfare while you are with us.

What can you expect from us?

  • Clear information
  • A confidential listening service
  • Help to achieve your aims
  • Support to improve your confidence

How can you access this extra support?

We have a team of Pastoral Support Officers from both Hartlepool Adult Education and Hartlepool Working Solutions so you can access the support when you need it.


For more information, please Contact Us